Hi and welcome to Evergrowth Coaching! We’re Adam and Bay, and we’re executive leadership coaches who work with high performers and leaders who believe that success isn’t a place to stop, but a place to ask, “What’s next from here?”

We live in Victoria, British Columbia with a Boston Terrier named Grimby (see photo — he’s very handsome), and a cat named Hermes (who didn’t make it to the photoshoot). We love what we do for a living. We change lives and transform people, including ourselves, to become their highest and greatest selves.

See, in the process of shifting your life to one that you wake up excited to be living, you’ll start showing up differently in the world. You’ll reinvent yourself as a leader, and show up that way in everything you do.

Leadership isn’t a position you hold, it’s a way of being. It’s about showing up in the world, fully expressed and creating what you want in life, simply because you said so.

We work with extraordinary people that are committed to living extraordinary lives.  Maybe you’re one of those people. If you believe you are, or you want to be, work with us.