Today, for your perusal, various ideas, thoughts, tools, distinctions, videos and other such things currently in process inside my brain (many of which are half-baked):

1. Your ability to thrive is directly related to your ability to trust in spirit/universe/god/aether/whatever

2. Computer science is the practice of abstraction. Coaching is the practice of distinction.

3. Everything is already perfect and nothing is ever good enough.

4. Being a leader == Being (and creating) transformation.

5. Coaching == the conduit for receiving, delivering and creating transformation

6. Coaches are people that have devoted their lives to creating transformation. and..

.. Leaders are people living their life, and practicing being and creating transformation as they do.

7. How Excellence is Holding You Back
(Graphic as well as a Blog post?)

8. Podcasting to the Smartest People in the Room, and Those Leading Them

9. The Acknowledgment Challenge
(a movement for love)

10. Spectrums of Being
(graphic showing how various ways of being can show up from love and fear. Eg, Generosity <-> Selfishness)

11. Breaking down Being
(How much your clothes, stance, breath and gaze tells me about you)

12. You tell me that you "...want to strangle all the morons!" 

- I wonder if you notice the one consistent variable in all of those situations?

- How the hell do I make a graphic out of THAT?!

13. What does stillness look like for each of the following: 

- Connection
- Passion
- Presence
- Brilliance
- Wit

14. Facebook Live weekly show
(Very exciting! Very scary!)

15. Distinguishing Clients

- Identifying a coach's client by helping them identify themselves.

- Provide to more coaches? Is there a demand? (almost certainly)
- I should combine this with #14 (Facebook live weekly shows).

16. Ongoing research (via interviews) with the Smartest Person in the Room

So, yaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I struggle to allow, contain, express, etc., everything inside me.

Sometimes it feels like my head is going to explode.

Other times I get frustrated that it isn't 'splodey enough. 


If you made it this far, tell me:

Which do you vote for?


🖖 ❤️


Evergrowth Podcast — Taking Time Off

Bay and I are fresh back from a month off.

When we tell people about that, they smile, nod, and say "must be nice".

And they're right — it is. But it's also challenging. Most entrepreneurs start our own business, at least in part, because we want to have the freedom to set our own schedule and lifestyle. But if we're really honest how often does that actually happen in practice?

On this week's episode, we talk about some of the challenges we noticed leading in to this time off, and some of the distinctions we've created as a result of our time away from the grid.


Evergrowth Podcast — Relationship Crimes

Everyone commits crimes in a relationship when we're hurting, but some crimes are easier to spot than others.

In today's podcast, we go deep and distinguish the two most common crimes people commit in their relationship, the consequence of those crimes, and how you might address them.

Please reach out if you'd like the tool that we mention at the end of the podcast.