A season of giving.

forgive Since it's Christmas Eve, and this time of year, the spirit of generosity feels more present, today's post is about giving. See, forgiveness is a gift (after all, it's got "give" right there, in the middle).

Yup, forgiveness. As in, this post is way late (I missed last week's post) and I really hope you'll forgive my tardiness. It seems timely (even though it's not on time) and relevant as we head into Christmas, or whatever you may be celebrating this wintry week, and the coming new year. It's a time for love and compassion, and forgiveness is one of the keys to letting love and compassion in (and out).

Forgiving is an act of letting go. When you have your hands full of something that you won't let go, your hands (and your heart and your thoughts) are full up, too, which leaves little to no space for anything else. It is difficult to embrace the future, or loved ones, when your arms are full up and busy hanging onto the past.

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If you don't believe me, you can test it out: Go pick up any object and hold onto it with both hands. Now try to go through your day (or 10 minutes) without ever putting it down. Whatever you're holding, no matter how light to begin with, will become heavy and inconvenient. With your hands full, it will be in your way.

The same goes for whatever transgressions you're holding on people (yourself especially included here). Even the most trivial and insignificant slight will grow and become heavy if you deny yourself the option to let go and put it down. Refusing to forgive means that you're living in the past. In history. Looking backwards, not forward.

heavyPutting it down allows you to pick up something new. To create space in your hands, your head and your heart for anything else, like love, compassion, generosity, peace, or whatever else it is you want to pick up. To move forward into the future, into possibility.

Don't forget, friends, that often the forgiveness we really need is our own.

I don't know about you, but forgiving myself is something I don't have a lot of practice doing. I'm just going to go out on a limb and say I bet that you rarely seek, nor—especially—grant yourself the forgiveness you seek from and give to others.

Giving yourself the gift of forgiveness this season is the perfect way to make space for something else. I bet there are lot of gifts waiting for your open hands, heart and mind. If it seems impossible, remember that it's always a choice. Refusing to give the gift of forgiveness, either to yourself or others, is what you're choosing when you think letting go is impossible. Remember, not choosing is still choosing.

What is there for you to let go of that you've been holding onto? What is it costing you to hang on? What do you want instead? 

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