Being a change-maker

This post was inspired by a conversation with Brian Price.

He showed up first, and then I did.

Or maybe it was the other way around.

Whichever it was, the way he had showed up wasn't "right". I could hear it in his voice — feel it in his energy.

But I hadn't yet seen it in myself.

We meandered for a while. We settled in to the space.

He, maybe with a gnawing desire to fix the things that weren't right.

 Me, definitely with a gnawing desire to take our conversation in the right direction.

A coach doesn't have to be far in front of you. Sometimes it's all we need to have someone one step in front of us. Scrambling along the rocks together; excited, anxious, scared.

But how can I be that if I'm three steps ahead of myself?

I slow down.

I let go of what I should be doing. I breathe.

I get as present to him as I can.

I breathe again.

And then I realize that things seem pretty hard in this place he's in.

It feels like floating in the sea, trying to grab any piece of floatsam you can to stay afloat. It's not an easy time to declare your course forward.

I breathe into the heaviness, and I take on a piece of that burden — if only in my breathing.

We're shouldering it together now.

Suddenly everything shifts.

We're breathing together.

We're no longer doing a lot of hard work.

We're just working. Together.

At the end of our work, we connect again, and I ask him what I could acknowledge him for.

He laughed, and shared:

"For being a change-maker in the world"

And that was how my next breakthrough in intimacy began..