Consistent Daily Action

6cc736b19dd8e6b7bca4ef4ad2be0c80Want the silver bullet that will allow you to ensure you continue growing outside of your comfort zone?  Here it is: Consistent daily action.

Are you disappointed?  Were you hoping that there would be some great epiphany?  Well, this is your epiphany.

Consistent daily action in the face of your resistance is the key to continuing your journey.

I added something new there - did you catch it?  Here it is again: consistent daily action in the face of your resistance.

Take a breath and reflect.  What is your next breakthrough?  What are you trying to create for yourself?  I guarantee that whatever it is, you have resistance.  Things that you know will generate the results that you want, but that you are unwilling to do.  By taking consistent daily action in line with this breakthrough and through this resistance, you will move consistently move yourself toward your breakthrough.

This is easier said than done.  Most of our survival mechanisms blare pretty loudly, and there's nothing our survival mechanism likes more than the status quo.  Your survival mechanism wants to keep you right where you are.  Right smack dab in the middle of what is comfortable to you.  When you start to shift outside of what is comfortable, you can be sure that you're going to naturally put up resistance.

So what's predictable about your own journey?  Will you just throw up your hands in frustration and walk away from what you're pursuing?  Will you distract yourself with destructive behaviour (substance abuse, excessive use of TV, Facebook, etc.)?  Maybe you rationalize to yourself that what you want isn't actually worth it.  Whatever it is, take a deep look and get present to what will get in your way.  Then, identify what kind of support structure will keep you on track and bring you back to your consistent daily action.

Most of the people that experience success in new fitness regimes do so because they enroll someone else to support them and take the journey with them.  Having an accountability partner is a great way to ensure that you have sufficient support to meet your resistance.  Here are some other approaches:

  • Identify why you want to achieve this breakthrough.  Get really present on what it will bring to you.  How juicy can you make that vision?  (pro-tip: "Achieving the goal will be reward enough" is just fooling yourself)
  • Set a hard limit on the amount of time you'll allow yourself to spend with distractions every day.  At the end of the prescribed time, make it a rule that you have to shut off the device and get back to your action for the rest of the night.
  • If starting is your issue, make it a rule that before you take on anything else, you have to spend ten distraction-free minutes taking action toward your projects.  Just ten small minutes.  You'll be amazed at what you can generate with this approach.
  • Enlist a friend to serve as a support.  If you are starting to rationalize why your goal isn't really worth overcoming your resistance, check in with your friend and have them reflect back to you all of the things that you told them made it worthwhile.  Re-presence yourself to what you're up to and what the game you're playing is really for.

The good and bad news is that, at the end of the day, it's you that holds the key to your own transformation, as well as the one that will resist it.  Without creating some kind of support structure, you're going to be fighting a battle against the survival mechanism that you've spent the better part of your life building.

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So, here's your mission between now and next week.

  1. Identify one breakthrough that you've been talking about forever, but haven't quite managed to generate;
  2. Identify what kind of consistent daily action is going to generate your breakthrough;
  3. Identify what is predictable in pursuit of this breakthrough;
  4. Identify what kind of support structure you're going to put in place to overcome that resistance; and
  5. Begin taking consistent daily action in the face of your resistance.  Start moving toward your goal.