Hello, I'm new around here.

Hello, I’m Bay. For those of you not in the know, I’m Adam’s wife; his accomplice and co-adventurer.

I’m joining Evergrowth and this post is your introduction to me. You might note that Adam and I have a different style. A different delivery. That’s okay; after all, we’re different people. But we both believe in the work we do as coaches: Work that moves amazing people forward into the lives they’ve dreamed of living.

IMG_0386Who am I? Well, long story made short (though longer than my bio), I’m a coach and a writer. I’m a dancer, a yoga teacher and an unlikely MBA. I’m a lover of fun and laughter, the water and furry creatures (three of which reside with Adam and I in our condo).  I’m a misplaced Bluenoser and a Pacific West Coast islander (I’m fortunate to have two beautiful places my heart calls home: the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia and Victoria, British Columbia). I like shoes (this is something of an understatement) and fashion. I love coffee and tea, but don’t need it to wake up. I’m a morning person who struggles to get to bed on time. I love to run, ride my bike and to surf. I can get lost in a really good book for days and then be sad when it’s over.

And clearly, I’ve got Life totally figured out. Completely. I’m a professional at life. I know it all: Been there, done that. Bought the t-shirt (in several colours, of course).

Just kidding. I’m not perfect (though I am, actually, in some ways. So are you.), but I am working stuff out.  I’m where I need to be and that is perfect. Doing this work—both becoming a coach and coaching people—is what fires me up, inspires me and drives me to keep moving towards where, what and who I want to be.

One of my favourite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson is:

Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.

I take that to heart. I try to remind myself every day to make the most of everything I’ve been given, and I can honestly say that life has been generous to me. Abundant. Beautiful. Amazing and wonderful. Sometimes, I can forget all of the gifts I’ve been given. I can get caught up and distracted. I get busy. I get worried and stressed out. I am human, after all. But it always works out and then I’m reminded of how beautiful life is to me. The gaps between forgetting and remembering are getting shorter. I’m grateful for that, too.

I'll be sharing with you my thoughts and perceptions, questions and ideas, inviting you to wonder, surmise, imagine and hopefully to inspire some questions, ideas and conversations along the way.

What makes life beautiful to you? For me, it can be a glimpse of the Olympic Mountains on a clear day. A perfect cup of coffee sitting outside and watching the morning unfold. A trip to France with my favourite people. What reminds you of what life means?