This is boring.

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It's been over a month since I've written a post.  I've tried a few different approaches to changing that, such as beating myself up, judging myself for it, blaming our lack of readers for it, ignoring it, and a bunch of others too.

But when I let go of the judgment, drop the whip, and simply accept that I haven't been writing, I can see the real problem: I'm bored.

I got super clear about my boredom two weeks back during a coaching intensive.  A coach sat down in front of me, listened to my coaching request, paused, looked me in the eyes and asked me:

"When are you going to stop playing so fucking safe?"

That's when I knew it was time to shift things up.

In another coaching call, the person coaching me pointed out that I've reached the edge of my success.  He pointed to the fact that I had shared I was making "good enough" income now, and that that was also part of the problem.  I was no longer hungry.  I was no longer living on my edge.

Everything that has made me successful up to this point is what is now in the way of the next level of success.  Everything that has gotten me to this point is now holding me back.

And worse than that, that comfort — that's what has me bored.

Everyone has an edge.  It doesn't matter where that edge is in relation to another person.  All that matters is that we live on that edge.

A funny thing happens when you start working with a coach.  You either create an insight that shifts everything for you, or things get really bad.  They don't get bad because you're doing things wrong — they get bad because you're breaking down the perfect system you've built to create your life the way it currently is.  Before you can move forward, you have to break down the old.

And so that's what I've been up to lately.  I've been taking a look at the things in my life, and pushing them out into either 1's or 10's.  Is this thing that I'm doing a 10 for me?  Is it something I absolutely want to do?  If not, then it's a 1.  It's gone.

That's scary.  We hang on to a great deal of things because they're comfortable and keep us safe.  I've hung on to clients that don't serve me because it saves me from the fear of not having enough income, or my practice failing.

But that's just a trick.

What it really saves me from is the next level of success.

Taking up space with things that you rate as 2's, 5's and 8's prevents you allowing the space for the 10's.  If you want to live a life that is a 10/10, you have to be wiling to fearlessly let go of everything else that isn't.

That's meant making some radical changes.  I was asked to provide a donation to the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers' 2nd annual gala, and in doing so, I was reviewing the copy that I had provided them last year.  It was professionally written, well articulated, and concise.

It was also bullshit.

There was none of my authentic voice in it.  It was a piece of writing designed to sell something, and it was perfectly equipped to bring people in to my coaching that were anything but a 10.  I sat down and rewrote that copy so as to produce someone that was a 10 for my coaching.  (If you're interested to see the result of re-writing it, leave a comment and I'll provide it to you.)

I don't know what that means for this blog.  What I do know is that I'm not interested in doing things that bore me any more.

I'm interested in living my edge.  A 10/10 life isn't a place to get to.  It's a place to come from.

So when are YOU going to stop playing so fucking safe?