Visions of the future

I've noticed that, when I write from heart, it provides me more of a path than when I do it from head. When I write from head, I've got stuff figured out and it looks pretty.  When I write from heart, it's messy and I don't really know where it's going.

I've been doing a lot of work lately around my vision.  What is it that I want to create?

That question has been haunting me.

I can give you the tangible things that I'd like to create.  That's easy for me.  That all exists in the realm of my head.

For example, I want to create a coaching practice making $500,000 a year.  Not with a lot of clients either — with a few, select, high-performance clients.  People that are absolute game changers.  I'm committed to working with people that create people.

And in working with them, we, together in partnership, create them.  So ultimately, my work is creating people that create people.

What does that even mean?  Well, a few things.  One, we are constantly creating ourselves.  Moment to moment.  Our head fools us into believing that there's this thing called the past, and that it impacts our future.  We believe that who we are today, in this moment, has to be a product of who we were in every moment that lead up to right now.  The tyranny of the past, if you like.

Because of how some people responded in the past when I went up to them and said "Hi!", that now limits my ability to go up to someone new and say "Hi!".

Even though I'm largely unaware of it, I am creating myself, moment to moment.

So, when I talk about creating someone, what I really mean is that we take on those old stories from the past, shatter them, and have them create something new for them to live in to.  And we do this, over and over.  In doing so, the person creates themselves as something far beyond who they previously understood they were capable of being.

I love creating people that create other people: leaders.

Some of the other trappings of success I'd love are to live six months of the year in France, have a beautiful home in Victoria, and take off lots of time to travel and vacation.

The question that haunts me though, is, once I'd achieved all of that, then what?  That stuff is all finite.  What's the vision that I want to create on the planet?  What is the thing that would have me walk away from all of that, in service of continuing to create it.  That's the nature of a vision.  It's that thing that is so big, we'd be willing to risk it all, because we know that it is truly what matters to us, more than anything else in the world.

I don't have it clear.  It's a struggle for me to create something that inspires me using words.  Here are some of what I've created:

  • Wake up!
  • People are suriving and so am I.  We are collectively wasting the precious gift of life
  • Wake the fuck up!
  • Dying isn't sad.  Never living is.
  • I want people to live their lives out on their edge.
  • I want to die used up, having given everything.  Nothing left to live, having risked it all.
  • I want to prove to the world that you can have it all
  • I want to create a life free of boredom
  • I want to be a model for people being fully connected with each other, themselves, and their hearts
  • I want to pull people up and out of their programming
  • I want to wake people up out of the Matrix
  • I refuse to settle, and refuse to let other people settle
  • I am a beacon of possibility and transformation
  • I am a trim tab
  • I connect brilliant people with their hearts
  • I set alight brilliant people
  • I connect people with their passion and have that be their guiding star, instead of their circumstances
  • I pull people out of Plato's cave
  • I create heart-based leadership
  • The world needs more Gandhi's
  • I put what's going on inside, outside, and in doing so, transform what is going on outside
  • I develop people that are protecting others from themselves
  • I work lions posing as sheep
  • I bring the heart to the dick

That's what I've created so far.  It's messy and unclean.  I don't like putting it out there because you get to see the process.  But there it is.

What's your vision?  Why are you pursuing what you do?