What Five Things do Thought Leaders do Everyday?

We have a tendency to lionize those that operate as thought leaders in the world.

How did these people get to be so great? What are the habits that they take on daily that really move them forward?

We want to know the answer to these questions because we're hoping that if we can take on those same habits, we can create that same magic in the world ourselves.

Well, look no further — here are five things every thought leader does every single day:

  1. Feel afraid 
  2. Worry about offending people
  3. Feel like an imposter
  4. Fantasize about working as a barista at Starbucks
  5. Feel like quitting

This sounds facetious, but it isn't.

The truth is that everyone has the capacity to be a thought leader — most of us are simply stopped because we listen to our fears and we believe them. 

Richard Branson is not inhuman — he feels fear.

Elon Musk is not immune to the fear that he's just making it up as he goes along (pro-tip: That's rule number one of being a leader), and any minute now, it's going to fall apart.

Leaders (thought and otherwise) regularly feel the burden of leadership.

There are many times when they fantasize about how easy life would be, if there only job was to pour coffee and connect with people every morning. The difference is that they know that fantasy is only that — a fantasy — and they recommit themselves each and every day. The art of re-commitment is a significant aspect of leadership.

So let's turn this around.

Which of those five things listed above are you allowing to stop you from being the thought leader that you already are?