Who needs a coach?

"People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing.  That’s why we recommend it daily." – Zig Ziglar

Who needs a coach? This question comes up frequently and all over the place. I've read comments from people on Facebook who expressed surprise that a friend would hire a coach, saying, "I thought coaches were for people who are lazy or can't get it together."

I've heard people say that if someone can't hack leadership without a coach, then they aren't cut out for the job. I absolutely cannot agree with this at all. I just don't see this in the world. Quite the opposite, actually. Nobody got to where they are by themselves. "No man is an island."

Who needs a coach? It's an interesting question, because the answer is probably everyone could use a coach. Certainly not everyone wants one or needs one. It really depends on what people would like to create in their lives. In my experience, however, it is absolutely not unmotivated or lazy people who hire a coach (remember, hiring a coach is to create action and velocity in the achievement of your goals). In fact, it's kind of the opposite.


The amazing clients I work with are hardly people who one might describe as idle or directionless. They are powerful, talented, well-educated and intelligent people who recognize that they have some stuff in the way of what they want to create. These people are not attributing their hurdles to their circumstances; they are aware of what they're putting in their own way (or want to become aware of it). They are wanting to take charge and move forward with momentum. They are people for whom "good enough" is not good enough.

Let me draw an analogy (I do love a good analogy): Do Olympic athletes (or any professionally trained performer, dancer, musician, actor or otherwise talented individual who does something better than most others) just quit their training at the top of their game?

[Tweet "Do Olympic athletes just quit their training once they make the team?"]

Of course not! They have talent, an innate skill, something that sets them apart from the pack, and then they work at it, with the best coach they can find. Continually, they strive to achieve personal best after personal best, taking their skill to the next level.

These people, whom we admire and follow (finding in them inspiration and motivation), never stop working with someone who can point out their weaknesses, their blind spots, and buoy and support them when it seems like they'll never break from their plateau.

Do professional hockey, football, soccer or rugby teams compete coach-less? Do gold-medalists think they can achieve what they do without their coach? Do they stop training once they've made the team, or the leap from amateur to professional? Not in any pro sport or performance art I know of, that's for sure.

My world of reference is the ballet world. Dancers train relentlessly throughout their careers. Every. Single. Day. No matter how many standing ovations they receive, no matter how many roses they are thrown, they go back to the studio and they train, under the watchful eye of their teacher and mirror. They literally go back to the beginning, every single class, training their muscles in the basics, over and over again.

Do we think less of these amazing people for working with someone who can support them to get  to where they want to go? Do we think they are lazy? I don't think so; I doubt we can say that someone with Olympic or Rockefeller Centre dreams is unmotivated.

So, why then, would we think that of any other individual who works with someone in support of them continually creating and achieving a possibility beyond that in which they currently reside? I have some guesses: Mainly that someone else's desire to create change and step into a more powerful place in their life, in the world, makes others nervous, or cause them to question their own decisions in life.

Every single one of us can be more, do more and create more than we are currently being, doing or creating. As humans, we are born with a capacity to become more amazing each and every day. Think back to what you wanted to be when you were all grown up: What got in the way?

What if you'd had someone there to champion your cause, to stand for what you dreamed of creating, even when you felt it was too hard? To remind you of what you said you wanted when it seemed impossible to press on. When you gave up, imagine that there was someone there to hold fast your dream and bolster you to see the success that you could not see was right in front of you? To push you when you felt you could go no further, because they could see that success was one push ahead, one step at a time.

As for the question, "who needs a coach," well, I suppose the answer is anyone. Anyone, that is, who wants to create their life and love it, instead of merely surviving it; anyone who wants to build momentum, to design their success instead of sitting around, waiting, wishing and hoping that success will find them. Is that you?

What if you could have that now? What might you create in your life, for this world? I bet it's amazing. The world needs more of what you have.

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