Why I Do This Thing I Do.

follow So, here I was trying to figure out what I was going to write about, while stuck in a classic case of writer's block. My block is the result of my facing a plethora of options, which is just as effective a block as is a dearth. I'm just frustrated with a lot of things right now, which are mostly just myself. Then I watched this video sent to me by one of my clients (who is extraordinary), which perfectly reminded me of my purpose.

I decided that there was no need to write something today when it already exists so perfectly and poignantly delivered. If you're here, you might have spent some minutes reading my post, depending on how long it went, so I invite you instead to take 14 minutes and watch this video, not only for those wondering about the crazy vocation to which I've chosen to dedicate myself and my life, but also to find the diamonds for yourself in your lives, and in who you want to be both for yourselves and for others.

It's 14 minutes. That's pretty long for a video these days, when we're used to 30 seconds here and there of a cat, dressed in a shark costume, riding a Roomba vacuum (just me?). You might feel like closing the window after a few minutes, but if you stick it out, I assure you, it is worth it for the gems you will find scattered plentifully throughout it. Plus, he's got the wit and charming humour to match his brilliance.

And at 10:07, Benjamin Zander tells you what my mission on this planet is to do.

[Tweet "We might as well invent something that lights up our life."]

And, on the heels of a particularly rough week, full of ups and downs and questioning my value as a coach (and a human, because my crappy story is mean that way), feeling the fear that plagues so many entrepreneurs while listening to the familiar refrains of an old song that tells me I'm not good enough, finding a moment to ask myself, "Who am I being that my ______ [clients/friends/family/acquaintances] eyes are not shining?" is an awfully good poke in the ribs.

That's it really. Lately, I've forgotten to awaken my own possibility. If my own eyes aren't shining, then how can I expect to inspire those around me? If I can't remember my own possibility and vision, then how can I expect to awaken it in those around me? It looks like it's time for me to remember "Rule Number Six". Wonder what that rule is? Watch the video.

Watch it. Tell me what you think. I'd love to hear from more of you: What makes your eyes shine? Who would you need to be to get that "A"?