You tell me.

Another question in the series of things I'm asked by potential clients: What will we work on? Do I need huge projects? Am I a good candidate for coaching? 

That’s a great question. Often, people come to me with a specific area that they’re really interested in changing up or moving forward. The thing is, though, that rarely does one part of our lives operate separate from the rest. See, there’s this common variable that shows up everywhere in your life: You.

I know, right? <<sigh>> Tell me about it (remember; I work with a coach, too).


Working with a coach isn’t like working with a consultant, or an expert. I don’t know what you want in your life; you do. I don’t have the answers; you do. Our relationship, as coach and client, is a co-creative one, with you behind the steering wheel. Like any good co-pilot, my job is to reflect, like a mirror, the things you can’t see—the stuff that’s in your blindspot. The stuff that’s getting in your way. Also, like any athletic coach, I’m going to be a stand for you and what you said you wanted, day in and day out. For you to win. This means I will hold you at your highest self and I will speak to the greatest possibility in you, holding the space for you when you can’t hold it all yourself.

If you didn’t want to add new projects to your life, well, that’s okay. As I mentioned last week, clients really get to choose what they work on, every single week. Of course, I’d be interested to know what it is you do want to generate. After all, I want to be inspired and engaged in what my clients are up to creating. I work with people who inspire me and whose goals, dreams and lives interest me. So, where do you see yourself going? What’s the life you wish you were living? What does it look like? Can you picture it? How will you know when you get there? Is any part not moving along the way you’d like? I might ask you where else in your life you feel like you might create barriers or resist “adding new” projects/relationships, etc. What does that get you? What does it cost you?

Do you want to write a book? A hundred books? Do you want to start your own company? Fall in love with someone? Have the most amazing marriage history's ever seen? Find your passion? Lose weight? Remodel a vintage car? Become a [world] leader? Find a new career? Move up in your current career? Make CEO? Make five million dollars? It's all fair game and it's all up to you.

The thing is, coaching doesn’t really fall into a “more-or-less suitable” kind of category. If you ask me, I’d say everyone can benefit from working with a coach, because a) I’m a coach, so it’s kind of my thing, and b) I believe that human potential is limitless. It’s not cut and dried as to who would benefit from coaching or who wouldn’t: There are more than seven billion people on this beautiful planet and there are as many shades of grey when it comes to each person’s choices and the reasons behind them. Lots of people won’t work with a coach and that’s okay. Believe it or not, there are people who are content with being content. There’s nothing wrong with that, and there’s nothing wrong with you if you want more than that.

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Just because someone could benefit from working with a coach (especially if someone else tells them so) doesn’t mean that they are coachable. That a person is willing and desiring to be coached and to move forward is all that makes them a suitable coaching client, regardless of what it is they want coaching on in their lives. That they are open and ready to empower a coach, to dig deep, to be responsible for their lives, to be supported and to be confronted, is what’s required.

What will we work on? How about making your life awesome? As for what that looks like, well, you tell me: What makes your life awesome?