Getting What You *Really* Want


Getting What You *Really* Want

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This workshop is focused on getting what you really want, through the vehicle of authentic communication and connection.

  • Do you struggle to identify what you really want or are able to identify what you want, but find it overwhelming?
  • Are you chronically underpaid?
  • Does it feel like people never really get you, that you're misunderstood, or like you're simply invisible?
  • Do you always get what you want, and find that it never seems to make a difference?

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • A better understanding of your own wants and needs
  • Distinctions you can put to use right away and start creating an immediate impact in your life
  • An understanding of what you actually want, instead of what you can get

As an added benefit to the work you will take on in this workshop, you'll leave with a greater ability to connect with people, a deeper more connected sense of yourself, and more intimacy in your life.

Want to know more details? Listen to our podcast on this topic and watch this video.