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I am Bay LeBlanc Quiney. I like to aim high in life, because I believe it makes for a better adventure. After all, what else are we here for, if not a grand adventure?

This quote from Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie) has always resonated with me:

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” 

So, just in case I ever experience a lapse in memory, I even have a reminder tattooed on my arm, to "Never forget you can fly." 

A former dancer and performer, I have an MBA (and a BA in anthropology because people are fascinating). Prior to becoming a coach, I've worked mostly in the public service in communications and marketing. I’ve had many other amazing experiences, though, such as working as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer. Seriously. I'm not making that up.

My steadfast devotion to perfection in all I do and stacking up achievements like Jenga blocks has propelled me pretty far (much like yourself, I imagine). I have learned, however, that what got me to where I am will not get to me to where I want to go. 

My big huge heart has always been front and centre. The secret I've been unlocking, though, is my power. It turns out my combination of love, intuition and empathy lends itself to a pretty kick-ass person and coach, who just happens to love having fun and finding magic.

Have you ever found yourself looking around your life and wondering when it was going to start? Remember when you used to dream? And then you grew up and got busy doing All The Things, and you forgot to keep dreaming. 

Yeah, me too. I kept thinking there had to be more to it than this. I was right, and so are you. "Pretty good" doesn't have to be good enough: your life can be extraordinary, if you want it to be.

I help people to find the surprising and uncommon courage to say yes to turning their life into a story they are living now, as opposed to reading about at the end (you know what we call those stories you read about at the end? Obituaries.). I stand side by side with people as they create their life in a choose-your-own-adventure, and I share with them the invisible world of who they cannot see that they are. I let people begin to see the magic and delight in their life.

I believe in living the life of my dreams and I believe that you can live the life of yours, too. This is it. The time is now. You’re choosing the life you live, so why not make it a story worth living? Why not make it amazing? Remember, you can fly, too.


Hi!  I’m Adam Quiney.  I’m an obsessive perfectionist, a high-performer, a former lawyer, and a current life coach.  After four years of self-discovery and coaching, I’ve also learned that I have a pretty big heart.

I always resisted this fact, because having a big heart means you can get hurt.  Instead I learned to filter everything through my brain, perform to receive love, and created a career out of doing so.  The legal profession welcomed me with open arms (“What, you perform in order to feel loved?  Great, we just happen to have a bottomless pit over here for you to fill with your performance”).

Here are some other facts about me: before coaching and law, I was a software developer and project manager; I used to teach popping and locking (and have trained with the founders of both dance styles); I have a boston terrier named Grimby that I love more than life itself; I can’t watch cheesy movies without crying; and even after all of the work I’ve done, I still struggle to let go of my constant nature to strive.

If you’re my kind of client, you actually want to have a life where it’s okay to be yourself.  ALL of yourself.  You’re someone with a big heart, and the capacity to be incredibly powerful.  You might even be a little afraid to let all of your power out into the world, for fear of hurting people.  You know that if only you didn’t care so much about other people’s feelings, you could transform the world.

You might also be living an 8/10 life and making it look really good.  Most of the people you’ve surrounded yourself with hold you in high-esteem, and think to themselves “Wow, they’ve really got it sorted out”.  And you do, for the most part.  There’s just something missing to have it be the 10/10 life you KNOW you deserve.  Everything is supposed to be great, but it isn’t.  There’s a gap, and you can feel it — it nags at you.

We’ll work together to create that 10/10 life.

Behind our fears lie our greatest desires.  Coaching with me involves uncovering those desires, confronting those fears, and having fun along the way.  It is powerful, impactful, and creates permanent transformation.  We’re not going for incremental improvement and feeling “better”.  We’re playing to have you transform your life into one that you love, forever.

The people I work with tend to have a few common strengths, characteristics, and questions. You might be one of those people. You can learn more about whether or not you possess those qualities by watching this video: