“'Be intentional in creating what you want, because if you don’t, something else will be created in its place.  And you might not like what that looks like.'   - favorite quote by Bay to me, during one of our coaching sessions.

These are some of the most powerful changes I’ve made in my life with the help of Bay:

Being intentional. Creating what I want. Seeing possibility in everything. Not being a victim of my own life.
Taking a stand for what I believe in and sticking with it. Really seeing what my defense mechanisms are. 
Living my life with the utmost authenticity to myself. 

She helped me notice how I was showing up in my own life, and did so in a non-judgemental, respectful way.  It was as though for 5 months prior to this Bay was setting a foundation for me to be able to effectively deal with the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through in my life.  And I am so glad we worked through this together.  She was real, she listened, she was thoughtful, she encouraged me to take a stand for what I wanted.  She helped me articulate the swirling, “washing machine” of thoughts that were in my head and lay them out on a path for me—a new path that actually is appealing and exciting and empowering for me.  There is no way I would be able to move forward feeling as strong and able as I do today without Bay’s support as my coach.  I’m looking forward to a life filled with adventure and joy, and creating that with intention, and really liking what that looks like."

  • Raeleen S., Director, BC Public Service, Victoria, BC


"Coaching with Adam is an experience like no other. He will challenge you but be compassionate. He will rock you to the core but celebrate who you are being no matter how you show up. He will expect no more from you than you want for yourself all the while having you always looking from a place of possibility; Always asking what’s possible from here? Adam is a true partner that brings an amazing amount of fun, trust, integrity, compassion and authenticity to my coaching process.  Thank you Adam for being that crazy cool edgy stand for what I want in my life and my business.”

  • Brian P., Principal, Ignition Academy Leadership Coaching, Spokane, WA


"Working with Bay has been transformative, challenging, fun and terrifying — but always in the best way possible. I came to coaching through a series of recommendations and coincidences and certainly had no idea what to expect. In the past year of working with Bay I have learned to challenge patterns that no longer serve me or the life that I want and I have learned to be a truer version of myself. Every area of my life has been impacted by the work we do together and I am healthier, happier, and a better friend, daughter and sister than I was before.

Bay has an uncanny ability to make me feel at ease even in uncomfortable conversations and her ability to listen and uncover is nothing short of magical. Bay is a fearless, compassionate and wise champion and I am constantly surprised by the positive changes I am able to affect in my own life with her in my corner."

  • Sandra - Visual Designer & Illustrator, Calgary, AB


"Adam has been an incredible coach to work with! He is a smart, witty and empathetic teacher that helped me become aware of my goals and dreams and motivated me to never stop fighting for them! Every single coaching session with him is powerful and he provides excellent support between coaching sessions. Working with Adam has motivated me to leave my dead-end office job and become a full-time University lecturer. He truly made me believe that I should never settle."

  • Alex Gainer, Economist and Lecturer, Calgary, AB


"Bay's wonderful personality and many talents seem uniquely suited to facilitating personal exploration, and helping people make empowering changes. Coaching helps us to unearth some of the patterns we perpetuate in our lives, and granted, not all of those patterns will be flattering. Some could be seen as downright embarrassing. I am so grateful to have had Bay's empathy alongside those potentially prickly revelations. What's more, I benefitted from her enthusiasm and excitement around the changes that could stem from taking a good hard look at some tough areas. Most importantly, I was empowered to do something about those things because of Bay. She helped me to see the strongest, most powerful version of myself, and then helped me to put that version of myself in to practice.

Bay is not only an excellent coach, but is also personally delightful. Her services come with my highest recommendation."

  • Kristin E., User Experience Architect, Calgary, AB


"Working with Adam has given an incredible boost to my career and life in general. Adam helped me gain perspective and see beyond the surface. It has been an incredible experience to realize how capable I truly am when stirred in the right direction.  I highly recommend Adam, you will not regret working with him!"

  • Laurie Millotte, Creative Director, Vancouver, BC


"I was lucky enough to work with Bay for an entire year. Because of the work we did together, my life has been forever changed. When I started coaching with Bay, I was a victim to my own life – always feeling like my life happened TO me and I had no options to make the changes I wanted and needed. Bay constantly offered to have me look beyond my self-imposed limiting beliefs to see what was possible outside of what I normally would do. Today, I know I can go after the big life I want and achieve whatever I set my mind to.  Now I understand that I can do hard things and just because something unfolds differently than I expected, that doesn’t mean I choose to give up. While working with Bay, I lost 40 pounds; have started a business I love in which I am making significant progress toward earning an abundant salary so I can quit my day job; but the most important thing I have today is:

I know who I am,
Where I am going,
I have what it takes to get me there.

Thank you, Dear Bay, for sticking with me! I am more grateful than words can express!"

  • Nancy C., Portland Oregon


"Adam continues to exemplify for me excellence in coaching, presence with me and my process and a steady hand in the face of big 'stuff'. I am learning, I am moving and I am moved. Thank you for your stand for me; it is so crystal clear - reminding me of my aspiration as coach and how this work is all about love; the kind that kicks you out of bed in the morning and does not let you forget your greatness and what you are alive for."

  • Don Goodeve, Coach, Victoria, BC


"I would highly recommend Bay as a coach to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.  Bay has a true ability to connect with you and make you feel incredibly comfortable while working with her. Throughout our work together, she has been an extremely intuitive listener, a great motivator and has given me the confidence to work on some of the more challenging things in my life.  Our sessions have been a true joy and I always leave them feeling inspired.  Overall, she has provided me with substantive tools, structure and encouraging advice and has empowered me to make effective and lasting changes.  I have truly loved working with Bay and I cannot recommend her enough!"

  • I.Kling, Marketing Manager, Seattle, WA


"I worked with Adam for a year, and during that time experienced exponential transformation.

We actively worked on areas I'd been stuck for what felt like forever. The accountability, tool set, wise questions and monumental support Adam provided helped me dramatically shift in numerous areas.

Adam helped me improve my leadership style, my relationship to my business and the people in it and ultimately my connection to my own power and purpose. He also introduced me to a great many wonderful people including my now-fiance!

I heartily recommend Adam to any one looking for dramatic growth towards their potential- you won't regret it!"

  • Laurel Lindsay, CEO, Victoria, BC


"I never understood the purpose of life coaching until I started working with Adam. Working with Adam resulted in some losses and gains. I have lost certain ways of being and shed patterns of thinking which were not serving me. In terms of gains, I have created space in my life to allow new possibilities, spontaneity and joy to show up. Within months of working with Adam, I became more grounded, present and self-aware than ever before. Even if you think that you know yourself pretty well, you will be amazed at how much you will benefit from Adam's coaching!"

  • Julie S., Lawyer, Vancouver, BC


"After only six months of working with Adam, I feel more alive, more powerful and more joyful than ever before.  I transformed my career, started focusing on building my dreams instead of feeding my anxieties, and loved more than ever.  Deciding to work with Adam is a decision to invest in your dreams.  You only have one life- make it yours."

  • Sarah Kalil, Lawyer, Executive Coach, Vancouver, BC


"Adam was great at helping me sort out what I want and what I need to do to get it. He was also great at sorting out solutions to practical problems, like how to manage distractions and focus on what's important. I highly recommend Adam's services."

  • Katie McGoff, Software Developer and Technical Lead, Victoria, BC


“Adam's a great coach, highly personable and helpful. It doesn't take long to feel like you've been good friends with Adam for a long long time. His competence is apparent on first impression, and he puts his extensive knowledge, experience and insight at your full disposal throughout the coaching relationship.”

  • Jared Brown, Lawyer, Victoria, BC


"I had the privilege of learning from Bay through a tremendously inspiring sample coaching session just now and am so excited to learn more from Bay’s incredible gifts in the future. It is my sincere wish that all my friends may also benefit from Bay’s beautiful light, and so, in turn, glow our own lights more gracefully.

Her warmth, personability, approachability, empathy, and authentic sharing of her own experiences (both the very human ones and the inspiring ones) made me feel safe, understood, at ease, and excited to grow right away. Her joyous and courageous commitment to continually challenging herself and realizing her vision through concrete committed practices motivated me off the bat. Her integrity throughout acting as a stand for me made me feel strongly supported and also challenged to embark on the journey of growing into my greatest essence.

Bay’s clear communication through analogies, examples, and personal experiences effectively conveyed important insights that created immediate value from our call. Her consistent and vigilant coaching by mirroring me to keep me honest raised powerful awareness and sparked crystal clear shifts in thinking about how my current practices are actually serving my highest good. Bay’s deep experience in authors of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge neuroscience alike gave me helpful tools to set myself up for success. Our coaching session left me feeling empowered, inspired, and enlivened to grow into my greatest essence. This is attributed to the light that Bay radiates herself, as she truly lives her own essence of joy, heart, grace, and more. I strongly recommend Bay and am confident that her gifts will serve anyone fortunate enough to work with her."

  • Yichuan Wang, PhD candidate, Edmonton, AB


“You will find that Adam Quiney always goes the extra mile and displays great self esteem and expertise to motivate and lead others to success. Adam is a professional, well rounded and an enthusiastic individual, who is well suited to the Career Consulting field. Adam is an excellent observed and a fast learner. He is an extremely dedicated Career Development Practitioner. He strives to do right by his clients every step of the way, and thrives on client success. He is influential, a natural motivator, and possesses strong leadership qualities. He is client focused, a dynamic person and displays excellent communication skills. In the time that I have known Adam, he has proven to be incredibly resourceful and helpful to his clients.”

  • Geetinder Bhinder, Lawyer, Victoria, BC


“I have received coaching from Adam numerous times. The first thing I noticed when getting coaching from him is how present he was. Being very personable with vast knowledge, insight, and experience about how people think and act, he is able to get down to the core of things very quickly and provide practical attainable goals. I highly recommend Adam”

  • Jesse Nordwall, Entrepreneur, Victoria, BC


"A number of months ago I entered a period of crisis in my life, but was unable to identify what was causing it.  I was in a state of panic and anxiety for weeks, going so far as to get meds prescribed by my doctor. I sought out Adam and through my initial conversation with him knew that he was someone that could help me.  He guided me in identifying the parts in my life that were causing all my unrest.  Through working with Adam, I have become aware of myself and who I am being in life.  I was also able to identify the things I want, and be guided through setting up a plan to achieve them.  I went from having vague goals - do well at squash, lose weight, get a new job; to having specific and focused goals - win a Men's A squash tournament by April 30, 2013, weigh 170lbs by Oct 21, 2012, get a teaching job by Sept 30, 2012.  These specific goals also came with all the reasons I was doing them, how I was going to achieve them, and various other supports to help me become a success.  I have entered a period now where I feel content and productive, like no other time in my life.  Adam has been an integral part to this success and I would whole-heartedly recommend seeking out Adam to help you do the same."

  • Blake Olsen, Teacher, Nanaimo, BC


"From the very beginning, Adam impressed me with his professionalism, tact, and clarity. This enabled me to challenge myself to stretch and grow in exciting ways. I was looking for clarity into my true passions and what I really wanted in life. Through working with Adam, I was able to connect with these foundations in my life. Our continued work enabled me to tie these to actionable results to keep me true to this path of passion and inspiration."

  • Jason Dyck, Software Developer and Coach, Saltspring Island, BC