Be a part of an exclusive group of coaches and leaders, committed to the deepest work possible: creating their own transformation and deepening themselves in service of others.

Be a part of an exclusive group of coaches and leaders, committed to the deepest work possible: creating their own transformation and deepening themselves in service of others.


there are a lot of programs out there promising you not only the skills, tools and techniques needed to become a successful coach or leader, but also promising you’ll be rolling in cash, wearing sequin jumpsuits, and riding peacocks off into the sunset.

This isn’t that program. If you’re anything like us and our tribe, you’ve probably been seeking for a while. You care about people, you care about this work, and you’re committed to leadership (yours and others). You want the best — you want training that wows you and leaves you a different human.

And, like us, you’ve probably found that it’s challenging to find that kind of training. There’s lots of good training out there. Training that provides you tools, gives you a taste of being on your edge, and leaves you feeling incredibly inspired. But it’s rare to find training that leaves you a different human being.

While there’s lots of good training, there’s not a lot of truly transformational training.

The Forge is that training. Training that will not only deepen your ability to transform others, but to do so by transforming yourself.

This is the promise of the Forge:

You will leave a different person
than the one you came in as.



If you want to be a leader, your job is to develop the leadership of others, and coaching is the modality for doing so. If you want to be a coach, your job, first and foremost, is to model the work — your job, is to be leader.

Most training steps over these two distinct, but overlapping aspects of what it is to be coach and leader. You can’t train a leader without developing their ability to coach. You can’t enroll people in your coaching practice without an ability to lead and model leadership in your own life.


You’ve probably been through at least one round of training if not multiple, and still be wondering what is lacking. Coach and leader are challenging roles to embody. The deeper into the work you go, the less space there is to hide out, and the higher the stakes to stay hidden. In effect, you’re left with a catch-22. It becomes more and more important to model the work to the world, and because of that fact, you have an increased motivation to show the world the shiny side without your humanity.

The Forge creates a powerful, loving container, in which your transformation can unfold. There’s nowhere to hide, and nowhere forward but through. Learn how to be with all of what shows up in life, so that you never again need to wait for something to pass before you can show up powerfully and create your life the way you want.


Talking about coaching and leadership is easy, because you can do it without having to model either of the two. That’s why there are so many courses, textbooks, and ten item listicles doing exactly that.

The Forge isn’t a conversation about coaching and leadership. It’s a conversation that causes coaching and leadership.

Rather than learn new ways to talk about leading, you will discover the art of coaching and leading in a way that will have it ingrained in the marrow of your bones.

Move beyond thinking about and trying to figure out how to use coaching and leadership techniques. The Forge will leave you in mastery of these art forms, such that they will be using you.

Just like riding a bike, you don’t need to reference your brain and figure out which way to turn the handlebars to stay balanced. The art of riding a bike uses you every time you get into the saddle. Learn coaching and leadership at this level of mastery.

You will not leave The Forge simply knowing about coaching and leadership. You will leave being a coach and being a leader.

An Unforgettable Retreat

Your registration in The Forge includes a transformational retreat. Come away with us and spend four days in a beautiful location. Each year, we run a public intensive, doing deep work in person for four days. This is your private intensive. As we dive deep together in our intimate group, you will create lifelong friendships, deepen your mastery of your art and discover aspects of yourself you long ago thought had disappeared.


You know how you tend to get feedback months after things have settled down, mostly when it’s completely useless?

“Hey, remember six months ago when you did that thing? Well, we’ve been holding that on you and you should probably change it.”

“Oh… okay.”

It’s not bad that this is what happens, it’s just the way feedback tends to be delivered, because it’s edgy to point to what’s happening in the moment, and it requires a depth of work behind you to be able to stay open, loving, and powerful as you support people to step into what’s next, in the moment.

In The Forge, we believe in the power of live training in-the-moment. Not weeks after, not three minutes after. You are given ongoing support, as you coach and show up as a leader, so that you can adjust on the fly, and really feel the difference in your impact.

It doesn’t matter how good the quality of your steel is if your blade is dull. Come to the Forge — hone and sharpen your edge and step into the coach and leader you’ve always wanted to be.


After having been coached by Adam & Bay, my being has shifted, my actions are different, my confidence is at a different level, the self-worth issues I had no longer matter — what matters is what I want to create in this world.

The leader in me that I saw, is rising up to the occasion not only to lead myself but my people in these unprecedented times. Adam’s amazing understanding on leadership and his coaching enabled that in me. The possibility that I am, I now believe in, and have manifested it not only in my work but in who I am as coach. Bay’s in-depth knowledge about coaching and her unique way of looking at things enabled me to see myself in a different light.

Now, I am a different person, a different leader and for sure a different coach. I am clear on what I want, why I want it and living it every moment. Thank you would be a trivial word to express my gratitude towards you both. You have left an indelible mark in my heart. I love you both & wish you the best in life.

Priyanka Dutta

Your unwavering commitment to your people is exceptional…

Deciding to participate in The Forge was a BIG stretch for me both financially and emotionally. And I can say that I have no, zero, nada, not one regret.

Heather Beaton

The Forge is limited in seats and runs from September to May, with a one-month break in December. The cost is $11,500 USD, and has sold out every year we’ve run The Forge. Don’t miss out on your seat — apply today.

If you’d like to learn more about the structure of The Forge, and how we deliver all of the above, you can click here.

The Forge also offers a leadership track for previous graduates — if you’ve graduated from The Forge and would like to be considered for the leadership team, let us know.


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