Wednesday, May 29th – Friday, May 31st, 2024

Victoria, B.C.

After an overwhelming response to our last intensive, we’re opening the doors and running another event. Come join us in sunny, charming, beautiful Victoria B.C. for THE Intensive — an event you won’t forget and will find yourself impacted by for months afterwards.

After years of attending intensives, seminars, and workshops, we often found ourselves getting one of two things: inspiration and insight that seemed to fade as we re-entered the “real” world, or formulas to be applied, which didn’t move us further on the dial towards the experience of life we wanted to be having, or the results we wanted to create. Sometimes, the inspiration created by the people we saw and their success stories made it seem like we were even further away from the success we wanted to create for ourselves.

Hearing stories of other people’s success can be inspiring, but sometimes the gap between where they are, and where you find yourself can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure of the work to be done to bridge the distance.

You may have experienced the same things we have: that insight, on its own, without action attached, tends to be toxic. It doesn’t create results, or lasting transformation; it’s simply interesting, and in the short-term, inspiring. But then, eventually, it becomes one more measuring stick, up to which you aren’t living. And when that happens, that measuring stick conveniently becomes another stick with which to beat yourself up.

On the other hand, while collecting formulas and recipes for success feels good, it turns out that a lack of information is rarely what keeps us from creating the lives we want. If it was, Google would probably have set millions if not billions of people free by now. There always seems to be one more funnel, one more leadership hack and one more recipe to follow — and then you’ll have what you want.

THE Intensive is the genesis of our insight, and us modeling our work. Creating what we see is missing in the coaching and leadership space, and supporting other coaches and leaders to do the same.



You know that experience where you go to an intensive, leave feeling super inspired (“everything’s going to be different!”), only to re-enter your life, and not that much actually shifts? Well this isn’t that. You will leave, inspired by yourself and your vision, but you will also identify and begin to create the breakthroughs that will shift your life, your business and your relationship to yourself, HERE AND NOW. No waiting for another six months for things to settle — our commitment is that you leave a different person than you came in.



There’s a lot of pretty poor coaching and leadership out there. There’s also a lot of pretty good coaching and leadership. Pretty good is pretty safe. It feels nice, people are regularly empowered, and everything is just hunky dory.


You’re interested in great. You’re interested in shattering paradigms and stretching way out of your comfort zone, because that’s what you want to support other people to do, and you’re clear that you have to do your own work first. This is an opportunity to do that. We will teach you new concepts, while supporting you in using them to step beyond your comfort. Instead of simply learning more information, you will step through your own transformation and actually experience the power of your deepest work.


🔸 An entirely new way of relating to your clients, those you lead, anyone you’re in relationship with, and most importantly, yourself

🔸 Learn to speak directly to the heart of people, in a way that will bring forward their greatness in ways they’ve never seen

🔸 See the greatness in others, beyond the point of how they are showing up in the moment

🔸 Learn who you truly are, and get an actual experience of the gift you are for the rest of the world

🔸 Deepen your coaching and leadership past the surface-level and the content of the conversation

🔸 Break through the blocks you have in creating clients and enrolling people in your leadership, and in creating results in your life

🔸 Create connections and relationships with seekers just like you: coaches and leaders from around the world who want to be more excellent at what they do, and are committed to doing the deep personal work to get there



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