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The Forge is set up with a particular structure. Here we’ll describe that structure, and why it’s in place to best serve your transformation.

What For

The Forge is a container designed to support people that want to be transformational in their approach to coaching and leadership. Being transformational in your approach means that you are supporting other people to create breakthroughs in their lives, as opposed to surface-level or short-term change.

In order to become someone that works this way, you must first undergo your own breakthroughs. To illustrate why, let’s use the example of Reggie:

Reggie grew up with a fear that money was scarce. In his childhood, his parents were often worried about money running out, and there was little certainty about where the next rent cheque was going to be paid from.

Reggie grew to despise this feeling, and became absolutely committed to create a lot of money so that this was no longer a concern of his.

Reggie became exceptional at making money. At the age of forty, he is now has more money than most people his age, and in theory, could retire if he chose to. In fact, he’s become so successful that he has people coming to him asking him how they can make money the way he has, and he has started to coach others on this very thing.

On the surface, it would appear that Reggie has completely broken through his money issues. He used to be scared of money and it was always on his mind. Now he has tons of it!

However, if we look deeper, Reggie is still every bit as frightened about money running out as before. He thinks about money constantly. Even though he has a ton of it, he is always on the lookout for how it could leave him. While retiring is a possibility for Reggie, it would bring little relief — he would still be fixated on where to best invest his money, how to make sure it continues to grow, and would be the only thing he thinks about.

Reggie hasn’t create a breakthrough — he’s simply changed the way things occur on the surface. Sadly, for those seeking Reggie’s support, he will only be able to help them create the same shift — he’ll be able to help them get more money, but will be able to do nothing to support them to come to the actual peace he craves around his experience and relationship with money.

For Reggie to really create a breakthrough, he would need to come to a confrontation with his actual relationship to money, rather than simply trying to outrun it by changing things on the surface.

In the Forge, we support you to create these kind of deep, underlying changes below the surface. In doing so, you develop the capacity to see when other people are operating in the same pendulum swing described for Reggie, and to help them overcome it once and for all.

The structure below is in service of supporting this shift.

Weekly Calls

The Forge has three calls each month. These calls typically occur on the first, second and third Wednesday of each month, and run from 10AM to 12PM PST. These calls are mandatory (though, as with everything, if life happens and you need to miss a call, we record them so that you can catch up after the fact).

These calls are divided into two parts: the first and third calls are teaching, coaching and practise calls. The second call of each month is a project, accountability and leadership call.

Teaching, Coaching and Practise Calls

In order to support you to create a new way of showing up in your life, and of supporting others, we have to teach you new concepts and language to go with those concepts. If you’re trying to ride a bike and you don’t have a concept for “balance”, you will first need to learn about this before you can begin to apply it.

On these calls, we are teaching you these new concepts, then supporting you to practise with them. Practising with new concepts generally involves getting supported to see where these opportunities are showing up in your life, and we do this by coaching you.

While coaching on these calls, we make a point of transparency. It’s nice to simply watch someone coach and hope you get the best from what we’re doing, but that often misses the mark — you tend to not even know what to look for. We make a point of pausing throughout the work and helping you see where we’re looking, getting an understanding of where you might be looking, and helping you see what you’re noticing and what you’re missing.

We also have you practise coaching your fellow participants during these calls, and support you to see what you might be stepping over, and to work with the concept in the moment.

You will find this kind of practise confronting and invaluable. Most coaching programs send you off to practise with yourselves, while a third participant watches and tries to point out the moments where you could have done something different. We find this tends to result in the blind leading the blind, and creates collective blindspots. We want to help you see something new, and so that requires some oversight as you practise.

Project, Accountability and Leadership Calls

The second call of each month is devoted to supporting your ability to work with projects in your clients, direct reports, and most importantly, your own life.

Projects are simply the tangible results that you would like to create in your life. A lot of coaching steps over this essential aspect of development, in favour of coaching only the being, or the soul line (as opposed to the goal line) of your client. Doing so feels nice, and will certainly generate awareness, but ends up resulting in a lot of new thinking, without any action behind it. The rubber never really hits the pavement.

In these calls, we support you to work with your resistance to projects and the fears that may come up and get in your way. For example, if you have a story that setting a goal creates pressure for you, and thus you prefer to just “let things happen”, that’s going to get in the way when the result you want to create requires some planning and a declaration.

Rather than tell you to simply “do it anyway”, on these calls, we support you to address that underlying story (along with any evidence you may have for its validity), so that you can overcome it.

These calls are typically led by our leadership team, and provide an opportunity for them to practise leading themselves, and for us to provide feedback and training on their leadership.

At times, this can be frustrating. You may find yourself wondering why you are sitting in a call where someone is clumsily leading it and getting feedback. The answer is that this will prove invaluable in discovering the places in your own leadership that you can improve.

Most leadership development happens behind closed doors, and months after a 360 review is conducted. It’s poor and does not generate much in the way of results. We believe in developing leadership in the moment, and while this is much more confronting, it also generates far more powerful results.

Coaching Reviews

Each month, you are partnered with a fellow participant, and record a thirty minute coaching call each way. These coaching calls are then shared in our participant area, and reviewed by us each month.

Call reviews happen three times a month, typically on Mondays from 1:00PM to 2:30PM PST, and every participant in the Forge gets to have one of their calls reviewed within the year.

Call reviews are typically done by Adam and/or Bay, in partnership with members of our leadership team. These reviews are done live, but attendance is optional, and these calls are recorded and posted to the participant area (and can be watched at your convenience).

Participants tell us regularly that these calls reviews are invaluable. It is rare that we get to see coaching actually reviewed. More often, we simply witness someone coaching, and then have a very short debrief where people share what was done well and what might have been done better.

Through this approach, we are able to pause the video as we’re watching it, and help you see things like the place you’re looking as your client is speaking, and what you might be stepping over.

In addition to having your own call reviewed, getting to witness the same for other people provides valuable opportunities to notice things that you may be unaware of in your own work, or to get news ideas for how you might work with a particular flavour of client.

Office Hours

Bay runs office hours for her clients and members of the Forge once each month. Attendance on these calls is optional. These calls provide an opportunity to get more support in a group setting, and to bring anything that may have you currently stuck into the conversation for support.

These calls are simply offered as a bonus and provide one more aspect of support that is available to you throughout your time as a member of the Forge.

Integration Months

During the Forge, the month of December is a month without formal calls. This month is in service of you integrating the work you’ve taken on.

Integration is an essential aspect of transformation. It is often talked about and generally misunderstood portion of the process.

During integration, you are getting the benefit of seeing how you show up when we take you out of the consistency provided by your structure. Integration can be frustrating, as you may discover old patterns showing up, or revert to ways of being you thought you had overcome.

This is okay, and intended. Whatever is returning is showing up to provide you the opportunity to see the places where you have not yet healed and integrated yourself, as well as opportunities to take on these new places using the tools you have learned up until these points.

In addition to the opportunity to integrate, these months provide an opportunity for rest — a critical component of transformational work. While having your nose to the grindstone for all but three weeks of the year is what we are taught to do in the regular world, we find that this is an unhealthy and ultimately draining way to attempt to create shifts.

Through these months, you will learn the value of giving yourself space and time, and how to create a deeper experience of grace for yourself and others throughout your process.

During the integration months, we typically provide additional offerings that may be of service to you as you are resting and integrating. For example, during the December integration month, we release the entire content of the Creating Clients Course, created by Adam, so that you can run through this material if you are wanting to continue learning.

The Retreat

As part of your registration to the Forge, a retreat is included. The entirety of the retreat is covered for you, including your room and board. Your only costs are getting yourself to and from the retreat, and paying for any meals eaten outside of our venue.

The retreat typically occurs about halfway through the Forge, during the later months of January, and is about a week in length.

During the retreat, we take the opportunity to go deep together in person, taking the work you have already gained through the first half of the Forge, and using it to ramp up your momentum.

During our time together in person, we will dive in incredibly deep together, and tackle any of the issues that feel particularly stuck for you. We practise coaching together, seeing each other deeply, and spending time together in relationship with each other.

In addition to all of that, we create time and space for excursions together. Historically, we have done things like gone zip-lining, white-water rafting, forest walks, sloth-spotting and more.

Participants typically create intimate friendships on the retreat that they find last far beyond the duration of the Forge. One example is two former members of our leadership team who became best friends through the process and now connect with each other each day in support of their growth and practises.

While attendance at the retreat is optional, we highly recommend it and will work hard to enroll you in the possibility of attending.

In your life, you will be supporting your clients and your direct reports to see a possibility that doesn’t yet occur as available in their lives, and to move the things that block that possibility out of the way.

The beauty of the retreat is that it provides you the exact same experience. You may have very good reasons for why you cannot attend. By staying in the conversation with us, you are modeling the very work you wish to bring to others: seeing something you want, and allowing yourself to be supported to create that possibility, even if you cannot yet see how to do so.

Extra-curricular Calls

Our leadership team are usually up to amazing things in their own lives, learning about other modalities, techniques and approaches to support others. Throughout the Forge, they typically offer extra-curricular calls that you can attend (for free) to continue to learn and deepen your understanding of how best to support someone.

These calls are optional, and their timing is set by the leaders that are running them.

Community and Leadership Library

Alongside all of the calls and structure mentioned above, we use Circle to hold space for the Forge community as you go through your work. In Circle, you will have a space to explore and discuss what you are learning, to share your projects, progress and any videos you may want to share with the community.

In addition to the opportunity to be in community with your peers, we include a rich library of distinctions and material in the Circle group, free for you to read, learn from, and put into practise in your own life.


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